Thank you for your interest in setting up Christie Pandoras Box on site training for your organization. This is an overview for arranging for one of our certified instructors and the necessary hardware to facilitate the classes for your company.  Theatrical Concepts offers 4 levels of training, with each class typically lasting two days. The classes build on each other, and are therefore structured as a sequence. The levels are Pandoras Box Basic, Pandoras Box Advanced, Widget Designer-Pro and finally Expert Warping and Expert project developement.

Normally, classes at our facilities in Los Angeles, California are based on a per student rate for each class with all Pandoras Box hardware and tools supplied. When we supply on site training we alter this to charge for the cost for one of our trainers on a daily basis, as well as any travel & living expenses and the necessary freight to bring the needed items to your location from our office in Agoura Hills, California.

We typically need to schedule these on site training classes about 5-6 weeks in advance to allow for logistical considerations. The class size will determine the amount of equipment we may need to ship out and this also has to be factored into the package and the costs for freight.  We do not charge for the equipment - only freight and handling costs.

You are welcome to invite clients as well as staff to the training, however we normally keep the Basic and Advanced class size to a maximum of 10 people so that a single trainer can work with each individual in the course of the class. Widget Designer and Expert are normally limited to 5 students for the same reason.

We are happy to discuss the details of on-site training with you in order to develop a custom training package to meet your requirements.  Please contact our team at for more information.  You can reach the training coordinator at