Theatrical Concepts - Pandoras Box Training Course Curriculum 

Basic Training (Two-day course / Tuition: $600 per seat)

This course familiarizes the user with the workflow and graphic interface of the system. By the end of Basic Training a user should be comfortable with initiating a Pandoras Box hardware/ software setup for a basic project. Both folder/file structure and content management via Pandoras Box Manager to Pandoras Box client systems (spreading) is an integral part of the course. The 3D compositing space and all of its main attributes (layers, cameras, and outputs) are described and practiced. Audio, video FX, routing, grouping, masking, cueing and DMX patching are discussed as well. The students are introduced to the timeline and its features via multiple hands-on practice exercises. The class covers the basics of how to geometrically blend multiple projectors using Pandoras Box. Each student will have hands-on experience performing a blend with projectors in these exercises. Content workflow, pre-production considerations and optimal transcoding for large format custom aspect ratio projects are also discussed. Offline workflow and basic coolux Warper are introduced, as well as a short overview of Widget Designer and its capabilities. 

Advanced Training (Two-day course / Tuition: $900 per seat – group discounts available)

This course delves deeper into Pandoras Box software, with the instructor ensuring that the students get ample experience with multiple timelines, multiple machines and full simulations of true multi- server project setups. Presets, curves, virtual sites, alpha blending and multiple device types are all discussed. Troubleshooting, spares, and backup scenarios at all levels of the system are discussed. The advanced features of the Master GUI is learned and Live Inputs are implemented. Upcoming student projects may be discussed and various end-user control consoles may be incorporated into Advanced Training. More coolux products and tools are discussed, including but not limited to SMPTE link, Splitter, Matrix Patcher, Image Converter, Art-Net Monitor and many others.

Widget Designer (Two-day course / Tuition: $900 per seat – group discounts available)

This course starts with a simple Widget Designer configuration and goes very deep into programming and tools of Widget Designer to provide the skills needed to deliver custom projects based on the WD toolset. Simple end-user interfaces, buttons, faders, thumbnails, rotary knobs, color pickers, etc., are all practiced. Node structure, connections and multi-protocol management are each discussed. Simple scripts for communicating with Pandoras Box and other 3rd party protocols/devices are taught, along with a discussion of more complex possibilities that can be developed. The extremely flexible node structure system of Widget Designer (inputs, filters and outputs) is thoroughly described throughout the class. Loopback scenarios (MM-WD-MM) are also discussed. Students will practice and problem solve to achieve real world project goals. 

Advanced Warping/Particles (Two-day course / Tuition: $900 per seat – group discounts available)

This course brings all of the elements of the coolux Pandoras Box system together! Fine tuning of techniques and best practices are emphasized in this class. Students learn about dome/spherical projection as well as true 3D workflow within the software’s compositing space. Advanced warping onto odd shapes and surfaces with multiple projectors is tackled by each student. Full lighting & shadow FX and Particles are taught and then practiced in class. Integration of custom objects (from 3DS and more) and UV mapping strategy are implemented. This advanced level also focuses on the individual students and the companies that they represent and can include specialized training specific to student projects. Shared knowledge amongst the entire class will be a powerful resource for later Widget Designer projects in the field.