Dongle Update

Step One:

Download the file named “” from 

Dongle Readout Tool.

Select the left-hand tab "Collect Key Status Information" within the readout tool and press the "Collect Information"-button at the bottom. 

This command will initiate a file-dialogue that allows you to save your dongle information as a .c2v-file. 

You should rename this .c2v-file so that you can identify it with the correct dongle (machine) as these are not interchangeable.

Once you have done this, send this file to

We will send you a new .v2c-file in return with the updated information.

Open the readout tool again and select the right-hand tab "Apply License Update" this time. 

Press the "..."-button in order to choose the dongle-file (*.v2c) you received. 

Click "Apply Update" on the bottom left to upgrade your dongle. 

Once you have succeeded in doing this, you are ready to run using your updated dongle.